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General Information
Area: Tekirdag, Turkey's northwest, north of the Sea of ​​Marmara and Thrace in the territory of the whole area is one of 3 provinces, 6313 km2. has a surface area.
According to the 2000 census, the population of Tekirdag 623,591 is. Turkey is low compared to overall population growth in cities. In fact, tourist features, commercial and industrial

development is suitable for the eligibility of a rapid accumulation of the population. Together with the Central district of Tekirdağ 9 districts, 24 town and 256 villages are.
Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea coast in the province of Tekirdag, Turkey is one of two landlocked provinces of the 6. All of the territory of Thrace in the north of the Sea of ​​Marmara and Tekirdag, east and Catalca Silivri districts, north of the province of Kirklareli Visa, Luleburgaz Babaeski, and is surrounded by Pehlivanköy districts, Northeast coast of the Black Sea is a 1.5 km long.
Thrace-Kocaeli Penepleni 75.2% in terms of land forms on the territory of the Tekirdag province percent plateau, 15.5% plains, 9.3% is covered by mountains. In general, high mountains, valleys, steep slopes or not. Akarsularca has moved along the Marmara Sea coastal plains covered with silt. Plateaus can be characterized as a wear surface. Istranca north, parts of South Mountain Preserve in the Mountain and the mullet are Ganos Mountains.
Tekirdag, according to the general humidity indices in the hydrographic areas, entering into the type of semi-humid climate. Mediterranean precipitation regime in terms of rainfall are in the category.

Effects of Mediterranean climate of hot summers in the Tekirdag coast, winters warm. Ruled the coastal strip into the Ergene basin, but rather is dominated by continental climate. Rain falling on the soil type is usually rain, snowfall is less. agriculture moderate climate make it easy to groove. Tekirdağ average rainfall of at least August, most in December is seen. coastal strip between the Mediterranean climate can be characterized as Şarköy-Kumbağ. This feature, being the north shore, running parallel to the mountains and the sea is due to the influence of ılıtıcı.
inner parts of the land under the influence of climate. Especially in the winter climate effects are seen in northern Europe. In this regard, there is its own special climate type. As is usually dry and hot summers in the Mediterranean. Here comes from the Siberian winter, dry and freezing temperatures over the Balkans antisiklonu olur.iç softening effect of the Marmara Sea is devoid of cuts. Coast in the center of Tekirdag province in July, a 25 degree temperature, Corlu and suburbs around 26-30 degrees.
Tekirdag, summer and winter, too spoiler. The judge and the constant wind northeaster, the second major wind lodostur. Northeastern Central Europe as long as high pressure, severe work in Thrace and Tekirdağ. Work only during the day and wins the character of northeastern low-pressure breeze.
For entry into the valley of the south to Thrace Evros Corlu many works such as the inland districts. Tekirdag, and frequent but short-lived coastal ieridinde. March, brings rain in April and May breezes.
Vegetation and wildlife: California is very poor in terms of vegetation. The most prominent feature on the slopes overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara and heath shrubs growing in accordance with the type of climate. Partly under the influence of climate, land types in the inner parts of the deciduous oak, beech, ash, silver linden, sycamore and elm seen. A characteristic tree söğüttür River tribes.
Types of Animals and Animal Husbandry: Tekirdag province, 25% of agricultural gross value of livestock production are met. Numerical reduction in pasture-based livestock production, while the number of cattle has been increasing. The wild animal species (see Hunting)
Anatolia, the Near East and Europe between migration, invasion, trade, culture, shopping of all kinds, such as the realization of the relationship over Thrace, the most important feature of our region has been in the past as it is today.
The placement of the upper layers of the transfer of the Old Stone Tekirdağ Saray district of the valley of the sun in rock and Gungormez were found in caves. (I.Ö.40000-10000) Şarköy, the first land district of residence for the period (Neolithic) stone axes were centers of production. (I.Ö.8000-5000) of some river mouths along the Sea of ​​Marmara settlements, Chalcolithic (Top peak i. Ö. 4300) and the settlements along the coast of Troy, 1 and II. Containing layer of the contemporary settlements, Tekirdağ Museum Directorate has been identified. (Early Bronze Age I-II, 3000-2400) BC Between the years 1400-1000 with a wave of migration from Thrace, Thrace, Proto-Trak, defined as levels of social organization in terms of communities, there was much back.
Thracians, living in nomadic communities?. O.. Century, the Aegean islands and the shores of the Marmara Sea from 8-6 Samos'lu colonists founded cities of the colony. The most important of these, located within the boundaries of today's Tekirdag Perinthos (Marmara Eregli) and Bisanthe (Barbarossa) is the Thrace region between i.Ö.546-430 coming from the east and Persia came under the dominion of Persia ridden.
BC King Philip II of Macedonia in 352. Thracian Philip held on time, up to the coastal regions were occupied by relatives ipsala'dan M. Eregli. Perinthos (M. Eregli) showed a large resistance. II.Philip from and to India after the passing of time that Alexander the Great Perinthos (M. Eregli) 'ni conquered. After his death, the district entered the rule Lysımochos'un. Regional, BC 30 years until the Roman Empire's domination of the Macedonian kings and Odris changed hands constantly.
Tekirdag i.S.3 the late Roman period. Rhaedestus century, the name appeared on the stage with the date the Byzantine period, was known by the name of Rodosto. Ottomans, 14 Tekirdağ century after the Byzantine fort, turned into Rodosçuk'a Rodosto name. 18. Rodosçuk century referred to by this name, later given the Byzantine tekfurları so forth "Tekfurdağı" began to be known as, the Tekirdag province was named after the Republic in 1927.
Tekirdag not find the traditional dishes, soup çeneçarpan, cıllık, elbesan pans, pastry gülbarak, höşmelim, Haku, Kalle, kodrul, kale, pastor mancası, Pires, şaraşura, yogurt borani, zennik başlılarıdır certain. Every year, "Tourism Week" in the province, the provincial Tourism Promotion Association to keep alive the traditional cuisine food contest is held. iarköy wine made from grapes produced in-Mürfte'de.
Tekirdag, Rakoczy Museum and Namik Kemal house without seeing
Kumbağ'da Şarköy and entering the sea,
Tekirdag meatball eating,
Şarköy wine, Tekirdag raki, without
Karacakilavuz hand without webs,
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